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I don't like you, why you always try to follow me~
I'm your king, I'm your love, I'm your diamond piece~

Discord: Pepito#8744

Petits messages(surement)remplis d'amour et de joie:(corrigés par Wass)


Hello there.
I only come rarely here but yeah, please take care of yourself. Whoever you are, take care of yourself. I am coming from far, I am very thankful for all the great time spent here, good and bad. You guys taught me so much and so happy i got you at some point in my life. I cannot thank anyone enough but yea. Hopefully you like yourself the way you are. Because if you don't , remember that I will, if you need anyone to talk to when you're feeling bad, contact me on discord. I'll try to update it if i change it. 
We can all get better in life, with motivation and the right people around you.
I love you, have a nice day.

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